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Please contact me directly for custom commissions at klewis376@gmail.com!

My name is Kate Lewis, and I’ve been making art my whole life. Every summer growing up my parents took us on road trips in a caravan where the back seat folded into a bed, sometimes for two months at a time. I always kept a journal, and in it I would draw the roadside flea markets in Georgia, the A frames in Alaska, the beach houses along the east coast.

I started traveling on my own at 18, drawing the houses along Playa Conchal in Costa Rica on pizza box covers in permanent markers, painting cities with watercolors out of my backpack from Brazil to Peru, selling postcards of stone buildings in the Pyrenees in France outside of restaurants, until eventually I got my first drafting table when I settled down in Chicago. Here was where I really started to run with black and white line work, going to art jams, getting involved in the largest community of creatives I’m still grateful to be supported and surrounded by.

Through constantly moving and collecting experiences I’ve held onto memories more than anything. I cherish the structures that hold host to my most intimate moments, chronicling them in my work, and hope to inspire others to see beauty in the places that made them who they are.



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2010     BA in Travel & Tourism, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
2012     Harold Washington College

Teaching Experience
2018    Illustrating Interiors: Kate Lewis Workshop, Soho House, Chicago, IL
2017    Home for the Holidays Architectural Drawing Workshop, Spudnik Press, Chicago, IL


2017    Artist-in-Residency, The Old No. 77, New Orleans, LA
2016    Artist-in-Residency, Fulton Market Kitchen, Chicago, IL

Curatorial Projects

2017    Pen and Ink, Union Street Gallery, Chicago, IL
2018   Hidden in Plain Sight, All Star Press, Chicago, IL

Solo Exhibitions

2018   Hidden in Plain Sight, All Star Press, Chicago, IL
2018    La Boite, New York, NY
2017    150 Years of Frank Lloyd Wright, All Star Press, Chicago, IL
2017    Community, Swedish Snus Store, Chicago, IL
2017    Remember, Remember, The Chandlery, New Orleans, LA

Group Exhibitions

2018    Loaded Guns, All Star Press, Chicago, IL
2018    Pathopraxia, ALULU, Chicago, IL
2018    Happy Thoughts, All Star Press, Chicago, IL
2017    30 Flirty & Thriving, After Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
2017    Funhouse/Art Oddities, All Star Press, Chicago, IL
2017    Pagan Halloween, Vintage Quest, Chicago, IL
2017    Dark Times, Flat Iron, Chicago, IL
2017    Required Reading, Gallery F, Chicago, IL
2017    Grand Opening, All Star Press Opening, Chicago, IL
2017    Zoology, Vintage Quest, Chicago, IL (curated by Sick Fisher)
2016    Naked People, Vintage Quest, Chicago, IL (curated by Sick Fisher)
2016    Man, The Times, Man, Maxwell Collette (curated by Don’t Fret)
2016    Activate Chicago, Loop Alliance, Chicago, IL
2016    Logan Square Arts Festival, Shop 1021, Chicago, IL
2016    PBR Art, East Room, Chicago, IL
2016    Speaking in Cursive, Idealty, Chicago, IL (curated by Patt Knerr)
2016    Water for Flint, The Black Couch, Chicago, IL
2016    2 Year Anniversary, Treehouse Records, Chicago, IL


2018 Mural Installation - Cafe Tola, Chicago, IL
2018 Mural Installation, Spaces Real Estate, Chicago, IL
2018 Mural Installation - PBR Sponsorship, Chicago, IL
2018 Chicago Bulls Custom Hat Collaboration, Chicago, IL
2018 Mural Installation, Groupon Building, Chicago, IL
2018 Nike Running Featured Artist, Chicago, IL
2018 Bacardi B Line Event Featured Artist, Chicago, IL
2018    La Boite Biscuit Tin Collaboration, New York, NY
2017    Live Painting Sugar Skulls with El Jimador Tequila, Chicago, IL
2017    Mural Installation (8 x 40 ft.), Violet Hour, Chicago, IL
2017    Sharpie Marketing Featured Artist - Surfboard & Skateboard Designer, Chicago, IL
2017    Mural Installation, Google Headquarters, Chicago, IL
2017    Graphic Facilitator for the International Women’s Forum Annual Gala, The Standard, Chicago, IL