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Kate Lewis collects tales as tall as the buildings she renders while fusing art and architecture to chronicle life experiences. The purposeful selection of buildings underlines the belief that walls silently absorb the stories lived within them; that much like us, they become a product of their environment.

Realizing the mutually symbiotic relationship of humans to our inhabitable environments as we build relationships with inanimate objects prompted Lewis to memorialize buildings as they stood at this stage in their life, in her life. Her work encourages viewers to interact with the everyday edifices in their own lives through the eyes of a companion, rather than simply an owner, or occupant; she reminds viewers to dream of the lives lived there prior, and of those still to be lived.

Encouraging a harmony of the realist and the idealist, the literal and the imaginative, deliberate and the curious, Lewis’ illustrations intend to stimulate further individual inquiry, allowing audiences to ignite a spark of existential thinking about one’s place in the world.