Videography: Robert Poissant, 1871. Photography: Victoria Messina, 1871

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My name is Kate Lewis, and I’ve been making art my whole life. Every summer growing up my parents took us on road trips in a caravan where the back seat folded into a bed, sometimes for two months at a time. I always kept a journal, and in it I would draw the roadside flea markets in Georgia, the A frames in Alaska, the beach houses along the east coast. I was enamored with architecture.

I started traveling on my own at 18, drawing the houses along Playa Grande in Costa Rica on pizza box covers in permanent markers, painting cities with watercolors out of my backpack from Brazil to Peru, selling postcards of stone buildings in the Pyrenees in France outside of restaurants, until eventually I got my first drafting table when I settled down in Chicago. Here was where I really started to run with black and white line work, going to art jams, getting involved in the largest community of creatives I’m still grateful to be supported and surrounded by.

My practice shifted to mural work when I started studying masters of visual deception like MC Escher, taking note of the ways in which they used architecture as a catalyst for creating illusions. Learning to incorporate my own love of line work with these concepts, toying with strange points of perspective, and making conscious use of negative space, I continue to experiment on every project with the intention of challenging the viewer’s brain to think differently.


Within each of my designs the viewer is able to navigate their own course in a seemingly infinite combination of twists and turns where you find that every plane is simultaneously right side up and upside down, inside out and outside in. No matter what course you take, you’ll always end up finding your way back into the design. These patterns force the brain to think creatively in an attempt to make sense of an impossible arrangement of lines that will be experienced in a completely unique capacity by every viewer who interacts with it, making the art collaborative in its interpretation.

This “Impossible Geometry” mural work is inspired by the concept of “Strange Loops” first explored by Douglas Hofstadter in his book “I Am a Strange Loop.” Artists like MC Escher and Oscar Reutersvard found a way to conceptualize strange loops into 2D objects that are paradoxical in nature, therefore impossible to turn into a 3D physical object. The idea of a strange loop is that everything becomes itself, and you always end where you begin. I love that in the nature of following a strange loop, you’re able to apply the concept to our very own existence and the idea that life itself is one giant strange loop.



2010     BA in Travel & Tourism, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Teaching Experience
2019 Drawing in Anamorphosis, The Other Art Fair, Chicago, IL
2018    Illustrating Interiors: Kate Lewis Workshop, Soho House, Chicago, IL
2017    Home for the Holidays Architectural Drawing Workshop, Spudnik Press, Chicago, IL


2017    Artist-in-Residency, The Old No. 77, New Orleans, LA
2016    Artist-in-Residency, Fulton Market Kitchen, Chicago, IL

Curatorial Projects

2017    Pen and Ink, Union Street Gallery, Chicago, IL
2018   Hidden in Plain Sight, All Star Press, Chicago, IL

Solo Exhibitions

2019 Brick & Matter (Duo show with Lauren Asta), All Star Press, Chicago, IL
2018   Hidden in Plain Sight, All Star Press, Chicago, IL
2018    La Boite, New York, NY
2017    150 Years of Frank Lloyd Wright, All Star Press, Chicago, IL
2017    Community, Swedish Snus Store, Chicago, IL
2017    Remember, Remember, The Chandlery, New Orleans, LA


2019 Mural Installation - SoNo Collection, Norwalk, CT
2019 Mural Installation - Life is Beautiful Festival, 100’ x 23’ mural sponsored by Bacardi, Las Vegas, NV
2019 Mural Installation - YETI Storefront (2 locations), Chicago, IL
2019 Mural Installation - LG Development, Chicago, IL
2019 Mural Installation - BedHead Sponsored mural for Lollapalooza, Chicago, IL
2019 Mural Installation - Spot Hero (2 locations), Chicago, IL
2019 Mural Installation - Saint Lous Assembly, Chicago, IL
2019 Mural Installation - Soho House Chicago corner stones, Chicago, IL
2019 Mural Installation - Square Reader Marketing Campaign, Atlanta, GA
2019 Mural Installation - United Center - Bulls Conference Room, Chicago, IL
2019 Mural Installation - Village of Fox Lake 115’ x 18’, Fox Lake, IL
2019 Mural Installation - Essex Music & Arts Festival, San Antonio, TX
2019 Mural Installation - The Other Art Fair, Chicago, IL
2019 Mural Installation - The Marke Apartments, Elmhurst, IL
2019 Mural Installation - Threadless, Chicago, IL
2019 Mural Installation - Cafe Tola (California location), Chicago, IL
2019 Chicago Blackhawks & Chevy Artist Feature at 2019 Auto Show, Chicago, IL
2018 Chicago Bulls 2018/2019 Artist Hat Designer, Chicago, IL
2018 Mural Installation - Google for Startups & 1871, Chicago, IL
2018 Mural Installation - Cafe Tola, Chicago, IL
2018 Mural Installation - Spaces Real Estate, Chicago, IL
2018 Mural Installation - PBR Sponsorship, Chicago, IL
2018 Mural Installation - ECHO, Chicago, IL
2018 Nike Running Featured Artist, Chicago, IL
2018 Bacardi B Line Event Featured Artist, Chicago, IL
2018    La Boite Biscuit Tin Collaboration, New York, NY
2017    Live Painting Sugar Skulls with El Jimador Tequila, Chicago, IL
2017    Mural Installation - Violet Hour, Chicago, IL
2017    Sharpie Marketing Featured Artist - Surfboard & Skateboard Designer, Chicago, IL
2017    Mural Installation - Google Headquarters, Chicago, IL
2017    Graphic Facilitator for the International Women’s Forum Annual Gala, The Standard, Chicago, IL