Old No. 77 Artist Residency

This journey has been so much more than seeing the architecture of New Orleans, hearing the history behind the buildings, learning about how this city came to be and how it continues to evolve. This experience was also about meeting the man who left his job to pursue his passion for puzzle making, dipping into every music venue lining a street, spending nights on scavenger hunts to find speakeasy jazz performances in forgotten lots, marching with a troop of artists down Frenchman to support a gentrifying community.

Spending a month getting to know Nola and its unique inhabitants changes the way you hear unintended melodies in urban environments, the way you feel colors, the way you notice intricacies built into your environment, sparing no necessary detail in crafting a place meant to inspire.

I like to imagine what literary figures drank this same chemical combination to make the perfect sazerac, or what footprints made dents these same wood floors, but I also love to think of what those people imagined would come to be far beyond their own existence.

I like to capture places as they stand in my mind. Yes, these structures have gone through constructive changes and design appropriation, and they will continue to over time. This is how they stand to an artist experiencing the world in 2017. These were my memories.

Huge shout out and infinite love to the Old No. 77 Hotel & Chandlery for supporting the arts and making this month possible, to Doorman Designs for crafting our special home in the hotel, and to everyone who made me fall in love, big time, with The Big Easy.