Make Yourself at Home

Five years ago I moved to Chicago. On my first night in the city I met a fun-loving fellow at a bar named Alive One during a show, and we deduced that we lived relatively close, close enough, as if "enough" held any weight in my mind as I had no geographical bearings and as far as I was concerned Milwaukee was "close enough."

The next morning I locked myself out of my apartment in a rain storm, and remembered Mr. Close Enough, so I called him, walked over, and spent the afternoon laughing on the floor of his apartment, making my first Chicago friend.

We were for a time inseparable, and he introduced me to this person, that person, those people, these places, and 5 years later I still tell stories about that time.

Kristy and Conrad were two products of that period, and the most loving, kind, affectionate couple I had been around. They're now married, and I'm blown away to have been asked to draw their new home together.

Life goes on, circles complete, and new ones start to form. Excited to see what's next!